World Summit Awards Mobile 2016 Palestine Contest


The World Summit Awards Palestine announces the call for applications for World Summit Awards Mobile 2016. The winners of the National Contest of Palestine will be nominated to the International contest. The International Winners will be invited to WSA Global Congress which will take place in November 2016 in Abu Dhabi.

The World Summit Awards is a highly diverse and democratic award system, that selects and promotes the world’s best digital innovation with impact on society. The Award has been initiated in 2003 in the framework of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS). It contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda by recognizing local digital content with an impact on society, demonstrating the richness and diversity of innovative applications.

To date more than 178 countries are actively involved, with a daily growing network of thought leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, government and business representatives and young founders.

The World Summit Awards is a global hub for everyone who values the crucial importance of localcontent to make today’s information society more inclusive.

Be it an app to help the blind using smartphones, or a website reanimating history ‐ the World Summit Awards offers a platform for those, who think beyond the box.

The objectives of World Summit Awards are:

  • Selection and promotion of best practices in digital innovation with local relevance, content depth and user value from all UN member states
  • Contribute to the Agenda of UN WSIS and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by showcasing creative usage of digital innovation
  • Fostering knowledge exchange cross boundary, presenting platforms of inspiration and enhancing a worldwide multi‐stakeholder network
  • Global visibility of WSA activities through national experts’ network, media partners and strategic cooperation.

The contest categories are:

  1. Government & Citizen Engagement
  2. Health & Well Being
  3. Learning & Education
  4. Environment & Green Energy
  5. Culture & Tourism
  6. Smart Settlements & Urbanization
  7. Business & Commerce
  8. Inclusion & Empowerment

To participate, you need to apply for the National Contest of Palestine. WSA Palestine is responsible for the selection and nomination of eight apps ‐ one in each above mentioned contest category.

To get in contact with WSA Palestine, please send an email to contact(AT)
The deadline for submission of applications in June15, 2016.